Code of Conduct

  1. We shall observe domestic and international laws, as well as in-house rules, in conducting fair corporate activities according to social norms and morals.
  2. By elaborating novel ideas and originality, we shall perform our duties patiently and with indomitable spirit, so as to provide useful, safe and superior products/services that merit the trust of society.
  3. In every aspect of business activities we seek to harmonize environment and human life, in the firm belief that conserving the global environment is the most important issue in the world and must be a basic element of our management principle.
  4. We shall appropriately and fairly disclose information relating to our corporate activities, so as to enhance management transparency.
  5. We shall secure safe and comfortable work environments, respecting each employee's personality and individuality.
  6. We shall establish sound and good relations with interested parties outside the company, such as stockholders, clients and local communities.