Electric Wire and Cable

Tatsuta's high quality electric wires and cables help realize secure,
comfortable and convenient living.
Trustful Tatsuta brand is guaranteed by "actual performance."
    • Tatsuta Electric Wire & Cable has well-grounded confidence in quality, secure technology and know-how, since we have developed and provided electric wires and cables for so many decades. To supply electric power more safely and securely, continuously higher levels of functionality and quality are required of electric wires and cables. To meet these social needs, trustful Tatsuta products are valued in various fields, including construction and electromechanics.
    • Especially as regards electric wires/cables for power station and railways, Tatsuta has achieved many successes as one of the few companies that can meet high-level technical needs.
    • In the information communication business, our drop cable Semi Tough!, which uses a unique "cicada-resistant urethane sheath" material, has won great favor as a product that prevents cable disconnection caused by cicada egg laying. From this point on, we will focus on providing distribution optical cable to be used for wiring in facilities to provide more stable optical communications.

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