Assembly / Wire harnesses

  • widAssembly / Wire harnesses
  • Tatsuta can provide high quality products at low cost, since we are in full control of cable design and manufacture, and connector processing.
  • Lot number is assigned to each product, for optimal traceability.
  • We offer mold casting for connector terminal section processing, as well as coupler cover and boot manufacture.

Tatsuta Electric Wire & Cable can flexibly propose solutions to customer requests, such as for comprehensive treatment from cable design and assembly to wire harness, and for a blanket guarantee of quality so as to ensure uniform quality.

Evaluation tests

  • Testing and Evaluation
  • We provide evaluation tests on testing equipment, such as horizontal 90 degree flex testing equipment and cableveyor, by serially changing their operating conditions (flex range, speed, stroke length etc.) to match actual operating conditions.

Since testing is conducted not only in terms of basic behavior but also under conditions close to those of process implementation, error can be minimized.