Spatter-Resistant High-Strength Cable

Spatter-resistant high-strength cable is a robot cable with sheathing material that is welding spark resistant and flame retardant.

Numerous cables of various types are used in arc welding robots and grinding robots. However, if sparks from welding or grinding contact the sheathing material during operation, the sheathing material may be damaged by burning or melting, forming holes. Spatter-resistant high-strength cable prevents such damage from welding or grinding sparks, by using special vinyl for the sheathing material. This cable is therefore suitable for wiring moving parts in areas exposed to sparks.

  • Due to this superior welding spark resistance, the sheathing material is protected from melting and burnout, greatly extending cable service life.
  • Superior flame retardancy prevents sheathing material burnout.
  • Extremely superior flex and twist resistance are achieved through use of high-strength copper alloy wire for the conductor.


  • Various cable for arc welding robots and grinding robots

Spatter resistance evaluation test

  • To simulate conditions of cable exposure to grinding sparks, sample was positioned 50cm from a spark source and exposed to sparks generated by cutting a 40mmφ carbon steel bar (S45C) with a cutting grinder for 30 seconds. The damage was then examined.
  • Evaluation of sheet sample
    Evaluation of sheet material
  • Evaluation of cable sample
    Evaluation of cable material
  • Spatter generated condition
    Spatter being generated
Spatter resistance evaluation test results

Spatter resistance evaluation testing results

Product types

  • Cables can be customized by changing insulator material to meet flex resistance requirements.
Type Conductor material Conductor size Insulator Sheath
A High-strength copper alloy 28AWG (0.1SQ) -
13AWG (3.5SQ)
Vinyl Spatter resistant,
flame retardant vinyl
B Cross-linked polyethylene