Via filling paste

High conductive type

DD paste AE2217 / AE1244 / AE3030


Via filling paste

High heat resistance type ( Non coductive )

DD paste AE1125DS / AE1125HD


Metalize paste

Metallic melting type


  • Alloying with Cu foil creats high connecting reliability.
    High thermal conductivity.
    (Alloying reduce thermal conductivity loss on an interface.)
    Excellent conductivity (1.0×10-4Ω ⋅ cm)


Conductive Copper Paste

for EMI counter measures board & Cross over board

DD paste NF2000EX

  • Excellent conductivity (1.0×10-4Ω ⋅ cm)
    Better migration resistance than silver paste.
    Good cost performance.
    SGS Test Report


Conductive Paste

for trace


  • Low temperature curing feature can meet
    from PET to FR4 or PI board.
    Use as a plating sheild layer.
    (Cu, Tin or Ni plating and so on.)
    Excellent adhesion to various materials.