Customize 'The optical fiber.'
Launching a broader area with new function.
We release the product to a wider market including 'Image & Lighting', 'Medical', 'Analysis' and 'Sensing' by not only controlling the wide range wave light and creating the unique product but also integrating those technologies.
  • Image & Lighting
    Contribute stabilizing the image through controlling three primary colors.
  • Medical
    OCT for Examination of Retina Irradiation
    Catch an image of a fine cross sectional structure through Interference Principle of Light.
  • Analysis
    Examination of layer
    Meet a semiconductor requiring a special wavelength.
  • Sensing
    Next generation
    Developing the sensing technology more precisely to meet diversified demand.


Although the thickness of the optical fiber is same as a human hair, it can trap the signal inside, then far carrying the signal without degrading so that with those advantages, low loss and wide range, far carrying too much data is possible. And it can function under severe condition, it is robust over electric noise, and it is also the resistance to vibration and temperature change.
  • Resistance to vibration, shock and temperature change
    Optical fiber module can transfer the image without deteriorating the feature of it although it gets vibration, shock from outside or temperature change.
  • Regardless distance, it can carry an image stably.
    As a light signal is trapped into an optical fiber cable, so that the light signal is carried without degrading the image.
  • Specify the position by sensing an outside force.
    Specify a genesis location when the optical fiber sensor detects the outside force such as vibration or shock.