Optical Fiber Coupler

Characteristics of fiber coupler
  • Fiber coupler characteristics
  • Fiber coupler characteristics
Due to all-fiber structure,
Easy for handling
High reliability
Production by order enables
individual specification
Principle of Fiber Coupler
Multiple optical fibers are flame fused and stretch tapered. Light leaking from the core is split and combined between optical fibers.
Various splitting/combining ratios and various wavelengths of multiplexing/demultiplexing can be achieved by various combination methods.
Features provided by Tatsuta Electric Wire & Cable
Manufacture of couplers ranging from 400 to 2200nm.
Manufacture of couplers from various fibers (SMF, PMF, MMF (SI, GI) etc.).
We produce in full range, from small lot prototyping to mass production.
We also provide optical fiber modules by attaching a coupler to other mechanical components.