Water leakage detector + Sensor

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  • The alarm is surely activated when the system detects the insensible water leakage.
    Water leakage detector + Sensor is our base product based our water leakage technology. It has been appointed various industries since 30 years as it can detect water leakage immediately and the alarm is activated. In recent years it is mainly applied a computer system room, an electric room, an automatic vending machine and so on.
Suitable for total security monitoring system
Non-voltage out-put terminal is availble for central monitoring of several detectors.
Even one sensor monitor a wide area
This line type sensor does not fail to detect any water leak at all points on its full length, while ramaining free from malfunction due to humidity.
The sensor can also detect pure water, acid, and alkaline solutions.
Disconnection detecting function provided
Any disconnection of the sensor is detected immediately, activating lamp and buzzer alarms.
Simply, safety installed and easily maintained
The sensor incorporates low-voltage circuits( 5.5V AC or lower) ensuring complete safety.
Highly flexible and easy handling the sensor can be installed directly even to a metal base.

Example of construction

  • Sensor installed on piping

  • Sensor installed under floor