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Quality & Environment

  • TATSUTA has its own unique policy
    for consistently implementing thorough
    quality control from the customer's perspective.
    ISO 9001-certified TATSUTA ELECTRIC WIRE & CABLE performs stable production of products meeting our customers' quality requirements.
    We have our own unique quality policy for stringent quality control in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Each of our processes undergoes rigorous human and mechanical checks. We also inspect our products at shipment, as a final check to ensure our worthiness of customer trust.
  • ISO 9001
    Management System Registration Certificate
    Registration Certificate No.:
  • Self inspection system

  • Electrical resistance tester

  • Thickness tester

  • We promote ecological programs
    for global environmental conservation.
    TATSUTA is also ISO 14001-certified, as a manufacturing company with social responsibility. The Center has solar panels on its roof for the use of clean energy. Rooftop greening is another of the Company's efforts. We benefit from its thermal insulation effects in our energy-saving activities. TATSUTA is committed to evolving into an eco-friendly company.
  • ISO 14001
    Management System
    Registration Certificate
    Registration Certificate No.:
  • Rooftop solar panels on Technical Center

  • Green rooftop