Research & Development

TATSUTA Technical Center

A new business site opens new pathways for the
entire company to move into the future
The newly constructed TATSUTA Technical Center, which has a research laboratory to lead the Company's R&D efforts, will allow TATSUTA to evolve into an R&D-oriented enterprise that precisely meets customer demand, as well as planting the seeds of a brighter future. The functional film plant built on the premises allows us to manufacture newly-developed products immediately after testing by the research laboratory. Together with Kyoto Works and Sendai Works, TATSUTA now has a functional film production capacity of 1,500,000 m2 per month. This enables us to ensure a quicker and more stable supply.

Research Laboratory

Intensive building for R&D and engineering divisions.
Our strong lineup of equipment and personnel serve to meet customer demand.
We evolved into an advanced R&D-oriented company, promoting joint research with our customers and academic research institutions.
TATSUTA engineers, conducting research in electricity, electronics, metallurgy, chemistry and optics, do their best to apply the research knowledge they have gained to explore fundamental technologies, production engineering and new businesses. The Company's R&D functions are brought together at the research laboratory of the TATSUTA Technical Center. We will undertake collaborative research with materials manufacturers and universities, as well as with our customers.

Equipped for leading-edge information and talented persons from public and private sectors around the world.
We have built the TATSUTA Technical Center with state-of-the-art R&D equipment, to ensure optimal accuracy and progress in Research & Development. TATSUTA searches both in Japan and abroad for talents who will make the most of this R&D equipment. We intend to develop the Center into a place that attracts leading-edge information and specialists in all aspects of engineering from around the world.