Established in 1945 as a company specializing in electric wires and cables, Tatsuta Electric Wire & Cable initially manufactured power supply/distribution and communication cables, widely contributing to the building of infrastructure during Japan's high-growth period. Tatsuta also developed optical cables and supported the growth of optical networks by offering product lineups with unique features. Tatsuta then undertook the manufacture and sale of products relating to electronics, and in 1985 commenced operation of its production plant for bonding wire, which has been one of our core products ever since.

As a result of diligent R&D efforts, Tatsuta has brought to the market numerous electronic materials and optical components, such as optical fiber couplers and EMI shielding film, which was launched in 2000. This product achieved big sales worldwide with the market growth of cell phones, especially smartphones. Henceforth Tatsuta will operate seven business sectors, including the photo-electronics business, applying the company's unique optical technology to various fields so as to contribute to society and broaden our rich potential.

Sep. 1945 Established as Tatsuta Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd.
Oct. 1949 Merged with Osaka Densen Kogyo
Aug. 1952 Constructed sheathed wire plant in Kawachi-shi in Osaka (current Higashiosaka-shi)1
Oct. 1955 Commenced manufacture and sales of communications cables
Jan. 1962 Commenced manufacture and sales of CV cables
Jul. 1962 Electric power cable plant completed
Sep. 1965 CCP cable plant completed
Dec. 1969 Continuous casting forging and rolling plant completed
Apr. 1976 Commenced operating Fukuchiyama Works (current Kyoto Works)2
Sep. 1981 Commenced manufacture and sales of electronics related equipment
Apr. 1984 Commenced manufacture and sales of optical fiber cables3
Feb. 1985 Commenced operating the bonding wire plant
Aug. 1987 Commenced manufacture and sales of polymer and copper conductive paste
Dec. 1992 Optical fiber cable plant in Fukuchiyama Works completed
Nov. 1994 New Business Division acquired ISO9002 certification
Nov. 1996 Telecommunication Division acquired ISO9001 certification
Jan. 1997 Started full-scale production of optical fiber couplers
May 1998 Electric Wire and Cable Division acquired ISO9001 certification
Nov. 1999 Telecommunication Division acquired ISO14001 certification
Mar. 2000 Placed EMI Shielding Film on market
Feb. 2001 Optical Components Division acquired ISO9001 certification
Jan. 2002 Osaka district operations acquired ISO14001 certification
Mar. 2002 Tatsuta System Electronics Co., Ltd. (TSE) established (consolidated subsidiary)
Jul. 2002 Joined business of Sumiden Hitachi Cable Limited (HS&T) conducting electric wire and cable businesses for construction and electric installation markets4
May 2005 Increased production capacity of TSE functional film plant
Apr. 2007 Marutoyo Electrical Wire & Cable Co., Ltd. absorbed into Chugoku Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd. (both consolidated subsidiaries)
Apr. 2008 Changed name of Fukuchiyama Works to Kyoto Works
Dec. 2008 TSE Kyoto Works completed5
Jul. 2009 Commenced operation of Tatsuta Logistics Co., Ltd.
Apr. 2010 Absorbed Tatsuta System Electronics Co., Ltd. (TSE)
Apr. 2011 Absorbed Tatsuta Shoji Co., Ltd.
May 2013 Tatsuta Technical Center completed6
Jan. 2014 Acquired majority of shares in Tachii Electric Wire Co., Ltd.
Nov. 2015 Sendai Works completed7
Aerial view of Head Office / Kawachi Plant(Around 1961)
Panoramic view of Head Office, Kawachi Plant
(Around 1961)
The Fukuchiyama Works under construction(Current Kyoto Works)
Fukuchiyama Works under construction
(Current Kyoto Works)
Optical fiber equipment lighting ceremony(Aug. 1982)
Optical fiber equipment lighting ceremony
(August 1982)
Participates in HS&T(Jul. 2002)
Joined HS&T
(July 2002)
TSE Kyoto Works constructed(Dec. 2008)
TSE Kyoto Works
(December 2008)
Tatsuta Technical Center(May 2013)
Tatsuta Technical Center
(May 2013)
Sendai Works completed(Oct 2015)
Sendai Works
(November 2015)