Message from President

Rentaro Tonoike / President
Rentaro Tonoike / President
On the basis of our reliable technologies, Tatsuta is promoting seven novel fields of business, to meet our customers' potential needs.

Over many years, Tatsuta Electric Wire & Cable has earned absolute trust in the fundamental businesses of electric wire, cable and communications. Currently, we are expanding our business field in the electronics industry by applying reliable technology we've developed through our fundamental business. Having developed our unique electronic material EMI Shielding Film, which is widely appreciated throughout the world, Tatsuta has grown into a company that can make great contributions to society through such new achievements.

In shifting our main business to non-wire fields, Tatsuta will engage in seven characteristic businesses having great potential for future growth from electric wires, cables and communications to electronics and photo-electronics.

To expand all seven businesses, we believe that further reinforcement of R&D capacity and worldwide business expansion are our critical challenges. We will therefore concentrate our efforts on training personnel to work toward these goals.

Thus far, Tatsuta Electric Wire & Cable has benefited from its unique style of technology development, working in line with the sales division. In other words, Tatsuta values direct collaboration with final end users by obtaining their credible requests via researchers and engineers at the front lines of sales operations. Our innovative technology and products have been developed through this unique approach.

By establishing direct and sincere relationships with our customers and making the commitment to provide them with high quality products of optimal cost performance, Tatsuta Electric Wire & Cable will continue as an honest and trustworthy professional group.